Orange and Mountains

Orange and Mountains is a project of Edoardo De and Loe, a crossover between their musical visions and their scientific and technical backgrounds in natural sciences and engineering.

After playing in different jazz and rock bands as guitar players and producing electronic music, a quite tangled series of coincidences brought them to meet in Germany and to start a new live project together, based in Hamburg and Aachen.

They fuse their personal and musical backgrounds to create an immersive, detail-rich and “dream-like” suspended world of music tales, contaminated by downtempo, ambient, electronica and post-rock, everything  shaped by their obsession for melancholic melodies.

After releasing the first EP in 2018, which they played in different locations between Hamburg, Berlin and Aachen, they went back to the studio to work on new material and on a new concept. After releasing the EP, which they played in different locations between Hamburg, Berlin and Aachen, they went back to the studio to work on new material and on a new concept. In November 2019 Orange and Mountains have released Frame IV (Rework) from Ed Carlsen’s album Elusive Frames and the single “Far-Out Robots Walk the Earth, Peacefully”.

Even if mostly focused on the triad guitars/synths/drum machines, on live events Orange and Mountains cooperate with musicians coming from different backgrounds and musical experiences (string and brass instruments, drums,…).


Recent Projects

“Far-Out Robots Walk the Earth, Peacefully” was inspired by the German expressionist sci-fi drama film “Metropolis” describing the confict between the beauty of technologically advanced machines and their often controversial role in Nature. This resulted in a cinematic and energetic though melancholic (and danceble) song.

Getting to know Ed Carlsen (@edcarlsen) has been an important part of our growing process. In his very passionate and technical approach to music we have found much inspiration and our friendship has lead to important and always interesting exchange of ideas. In November 2019 we released a rework of Frame IV from Ed Carlsen’s album Elusive Frames.

The diverse interests for music and arts that Orange and Mountains have been constantly sharing merged into the production of “LE:compounds”,  a channel to compound their personal and different paths into a cohesive, colorful world.

Particularly, reading “Los Detectives Salvajes” by Roberto Bolano has pushed Orange and Mountains’ attention on how each form of art can still have new forms of expression yet to discover, like these lakes that “no one sees”.

This encourages Orange and Mountains to search for different musical solutions to work with and to draft their vision.

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Past and incoming shows


Nachtasyl, Hamburg


die Bar Cantona, Aachen (with Barbara Toth)


MS Stubniz, Hamburg


All, Hamburg


Jupi Bar, Hamburg (with Giulio Gianì)


Noiseberg, Berlin


Madame Claude, Berlin


Frappant, Hamburg


Malto, Hamburg


Sofar Aachen (with Barbara Toth)


Kultur in Balkonzimmer 2018, Hamburg


KBH Marne, Marne


Raststaette, Aachen (with Barbara Toth)

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